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Monsieur Lewis

8th Grade/Le français
June 23, 2017
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De sormais quand il y a une greve en France, personne ne s'en apercoit... LA PREUVE!Reading Comprehension Practice

Reading in French is a great way to reinforce vocabulary and grammar. Many beginner French students find reading French to be quite difficult, so it is important to practice with authentic materials like books and newspapers. There are also a great deal of French reading resources available on the internet.  Explore some of the links below to help you with your reading comprehension.


How to Practice Reading Comprehension
  • French is an important language on the internet. Check out the sites on my links page.
  • Find your favorite books in French and try reading them.
  • Watch a familiar DVD, but use the French subtitles and the English audio track.
  • Set the menus and dialogue boxes on your computer to French.  You will hopefully understand some of it, but your family probably won't!
  • Check out the links below for some reading comp. practice.


Reading Comprehension Tips

When completing reading comprehension questions, it will be helpful to follow these tips:

  • Use a highlighter. Skim the reading passage and highlight words that you know and the cognates (words that are similar in French and English. Chances are, these are the words that will lead to your answer.
  • After highlighting, read the passage carefully. Try to put things into context and don't get flustered by words you don't understand.
  • Look at the questions and start thinking about potential answers. Use common sense and use the French that's been given to you to come up with your answer(s).


Links to Reading Comprehension practice



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