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Mrs. Baker 

English Teacher:Grade 12: College Preparation, OCCC English 101 and 102, English 9 Regents
June 23, 2017
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  While this year marks the end of one journey, another journey is just beginning. Lauren London remarks, "I'm still young; I've had a couple things under my belt. I don't even think I've begun where I'm gonna be eventually. I really feel very much in the beginning of my journey. I feel very new."
 ("Lauren London." Xplore Inc, 2016. 17 June 2016.) For each of you, this end is only the beginning.  For senior English, our class journey will be to cross the bridge from high school expectations to college expectations.  We will examine literature closely, connect ideas to social and cultural environments, and communicate these ideas through refined writing.


Codes for Internet Programs:

English 12: College Prep (semester 1)

     for turnitin: password is Baker and class id is 13178182

     for Remind:  Enter this number: 81010 and Text this message @5a69328

     for Google Classroom:  brtrtm

 OCCC English 101

     for turnitin:   password: Baker and class id is 13178221

     for Remind: Enter this number: 81010 and Text this message  @occcen 

     for Google Classroom: 3tx9md

English 9 Regents

     for Turnitin: First, create your  own account using your goshen student email and your  

                       Goshen student id following the three letters Eng.  Then add my class  

                      using the following class information: password: Baker and class id is


     for Remind:  Enter this number: 81010 and Text this message  @ad2bah

      for Google Classroom: j4gr24p 


NYTimes online: Same username and password for both OCCC English and College Preparation: 200339141

Student Google Accounts: Your email is your first name.last and your password is your student number followed by the letters "st."

Student Help!

  • I am available every tenth period, except for Thursdays and unless scheduled for a meeting.
  • I am also available during my prep periods by appointment, so I can plan accordingly.
Student Success!

Take advantage of essay conferencing and revisions when allowed!

Take advantage of 10th period help!

Contact Information:

E-mail or (845)615-6100

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