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Mrs. Schulz

Biology B and English 9
June 23, 2017
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Welcome to Mrs. Schulz's Homepage!

This year I am teaching Biology B and English 9.    My office is located in Room A208 on the second floor across from the Social Studies hallway.

  My Schedule:

English 9                 Period 1  Room A118

Study Hall 9/10      Period 2: Room A124

Biology B                Period 4: Sec. 1 Room A228

Biology B Lab         Period 5: Sec.1 (ACE) Sec.2 (BDF) Room A228

Biology B               Period 6: Sec.2 Room A228

English 9                Period 8: (ACE) Room A111


After School 10th Period Help:
  • Monday: by appointment
  • Tuesday: by appointment
  • Wednesday: by appointment
  • Thursday: by appointment
  • Friday: by appointment
Contact Information

Call the main office at (845) 615-6100 to leave a message.  Please include the best time to return your call.   You can always reach me at my email

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