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Modified Track & Field

Coach Haller, Coach Lewis, Coach Rueckert
June 23, 2017
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Welcome to the Goshen Modified Track & Field webpage. We hope that you will find this page useful throughout the spring track season. Please check in periodically for information regarding practices, meets, and updates on the schedule.  



News and Information


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Forms/Downloads (in PDF)


Alejandro Alonzo running in the 55m hurdles



Meet Schedule

2017 Goshen Modified Track Meet Schedule






Site (click for directions)



**Please note: this schedule is NOT final. Dates are subject to change/cancellation.** 

To see an updated schedule on the OCIAA site, click here.  

(Invitational meets are for a select number of athletes. Coaches will decide who attends invitational meets based on attendance, attitude, effort, and performance. See below for more info.)  





We have many goals for our athletes for the modified track & field season.  We want our athletes to have fun, but we also want our athletes to improve over the course of the season, learn how to compete in new events, develop themselves into competitive runners, and ultimately prepare for competition at the varsity level. 


In order for our athletes to achieve these goals, they must meet and exceed our expectations. To visit our complete rules and expectations page, click here.

To download and print the form handed out at our informational meeting, click here.



Practice Information


March 14 - May 24:

Monday-Friday; 3:00-4:45pm


  1. Occasionally, we may need to cancel practice due to inclement weather.  Please listen to the announcements during the day and check the bulletin board outside of guidance. We will also post any cancellations or schedule changes here on our webpage.


All practices are mandatory!  If you miss more than three unexcused practices, you will be removed from the team.  In order for athletes to be eligible for a meet, they must attend a minimum of 12 practices.  


We will be doing a variety of workouts throughout the season.  These workouts include:  intervals, hills, plyometrics, sprinting, and distance.  We will also attempt to go up to GHS and use the track, when time permits. Coaches will provide advice and feedback in helping students choose different events, but athletes should self-evaluate and decide which events they prefer for meets.  


We expect student-athletes to work hard and push themselves during practice every day.  The only way to improve times and become better runners, is to put forth effort on a daily basis at practice. 


Athletes may experience minor aches and pains throughout the season --  this is normal.  If there are major aches and pains, please see a coach and/or a doctor (if pain persists).


Please arrange for transportation home between 4:45 and 5:00PM. If students cannot arrange for a ride home, there is a late bus available that leaves at approximately 5:05PM.


See above for more information (rules & expectations) regarding practices.



Meet Information


Our meets are typically held on weeknights and usually begin between 3:30 and 4:30PM. Depending on the location of the meet, we will leave Goshen around 2:30PM.  Meets can last anywhere from 2-3 hours, depending on the number of schools competing and the size of the schools. 


We will allow athletes to sign up for events 1-3 days prior to the meet.  Athletes may sign up for 3 events total, but no more than 2 running events (2 running and 1 field or 2 field and 1 running).  We encourage athletes to try a variety events and we reserve the right to remove athletes from an event or switch them to a different event.  Certain more popular events will be capped off and preference may be given to 8th graders or those who have attended the most practices. The coaches will always decide who participates in relays. 

When we arrive at the meet site, athletes will drop off their belongings in one area, and then warm up as a team.  This includes a warm up lap around the track, stretching, and running drills. 


It is the athletes' responsibility to know the order of events and report to the officials prior to the event to check in. We will post and go over this information, but we cannot keep track of 100+ athletes and which events they are participating in once the meet has begun.


In the case of a conflicting schedule, running events take precedence over field events. After warming up, athletes should check in with officials at field events and get an idea when they will compete. Athletes may need to run back and forth between running to jump or throw. For all field events, athletes have 3 attempts. The best jump/throw is what counts.


It is important that athletes warm up and stretch again prior to their individual events. Athletes must also cool down and stretch after each event and at the conclusion of the meet.


Invitational meets are for a select number of athletes. Coaches will decide who attends invitational meets based on attendance, effort, attitude, and performance.


Andrew Pizarro, mid-air durning long jump

Team Roster





Meet Results (2016)


Click on the links below to see top results from past meets.  (All times will be posted along with most field events (when reported). Please email if you catch any errors.)





Contact Information


Coach Haller -; (GIS Guidance)                         

Coach Lewis -; 615-6300 (CJH Main Office)

Coach Rueckert -; 615-6300 (CJH Main Office)

Athletics Office -;  615-6161 (GHS Athletics)



Local Road Races


Running local road races is a great way to stay in shape throughout the year. There's something going on almost every weekend. The registration fees are going towards a good cause and most of the time, you receive a shirt along with other goodies.  


Mar 10 - Celebrate Life 1/2 Marathon (Rock Hill)

Mar 17 - Shamrock Scramble 5k (Wallkill - Ulster)

Apr 7 - Autism Move-A-Thon 5k Race/Walk (Montgomery)

Apr 14 - Inter-Club Challenge 5k (Mongomery)

Apr 20 - Washingtonville Scholarship 5k (Washingtonville HS)

Apr 21 - George Wodicka Hook 1/2 Marathon & Hope 5K (Congers)

Apr 28 - Hudson Valley 15k/Food Bank 5k (Blooming Grove)

Apr 28 - Orange County Choppers 5k/10k (Newburgh) 

May 4 - Jailbreak for Home 5k (Fishkill)

May 11 - Matthew Dudgeon Memorial 7k (Chester)

May 19 - Safe Harbors Off-Broadway Run 5k/1 mile walk (Newburgh)

May 25 - Chester Kiwanis Hambletonian 5k (Chester)

June 1 - Junior Classic 1 mile - for grades 3-8 (Middletown)

June 2 - Orange Classic 10k/Rowley Cup 5k - For both races register under Josh's team

June 9 - Ruthie Dino Marshall 5k (Middletown)

June 15 - Rhulen Rock Hill 5k (Rock Hill)



Track Links

ESPN Rise (

Tully Runners (track results, etc...)



Practice Forecast


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