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Capital Improvement Project

Improvement Project

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District hosts second Capital Project public information meeting

January 18, 2017 - On January 17, district officials hosted a second public information meeting about the proposed Capital Improvement Project.

The meeting was similar to the first one held in November and included an updated presentation from Project Architect Matthew Milnamow and Vice President Michael McGovern of LAN Associates of Goshen. View the presentation (PDF)

* * *

Capital improvement project preliminary plans approved by NYSED

December 28, 2016 - The preliminary plans for the proposed capital improvement project were submitted to and approved by the New York State Department of Education (NYSED).

NYSED calculated the project’s building aid units and the information was forwarded to the district’s fiscal advisors who determined that the state aid estimate will allow the Board of Education to meet its goal: to put forth a capital improvement project to the community without impacting the tax levy. READ MORE»

* * *

District hosts first Capital Improvement Project public information meeting

November 23, 2016 - On November 21, district officials hosted a public information meeting about the proposed Capital Improvement Project.

Project Architect Matthew Milnamow of LAN Associates of Goshen presented the community with a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the project proposal. At its conclusion, Milnamow, along with LAN Vice President Michael J. McGovern and district officials, answered a number of questions and concerns from attending community members. READ MORE»

* * *

District submits plans to NYSED for proposed Capital Improvement Project

October 27, 2016After several months of development and planning, the Goshen Central School District has submitted schematic plans for its Capital Improvement Project to the New York State Education Department (NYSED). The preliminary submission was prepared with input from teachers, community members, Board of Education members and district administrators.

NYSED will review preliminary submission to determine the proposed project’s eligibility for state aid.

“The Board of Education would like to present the community with a capital improvement project that meets the district’s needs and exercises fiscal responsibility – all without increasing the tax levy,” said Superintendent Daniel Connor.

Planning for the capital improvement project began during the 2015-16 school year. District officials decided to postpone a bond vote until the current school year to ensure that project details meet students’ needs for learning, safety, arts and music, health, physical education and athletics. A vote date has not yet been determined.

In August, schematic design for the project formally restarted with district architects, LAN Associates of Goshen. Presently, the proposed project includes site improvements, renovations, and additions at the Goshen High School as well as district-wide information technology (IT) infrastructure upgrades – all of which allow the district to increase its educational opportunities, improve learning environments, address safety and security, enhance its arts programs and upgrade its athletic facilities.

At this time, the proposed project is estimated to cost approximately $30 million. The district plans to use approximately $9 million from its capital reserve to help fund the project. The district will also use approximately $1.3 million allocated by New York State through the Smart School Bond Act to offset the cost of the district-wide IT infrastructure upgrades.

Financial details about the remaining cost of the project will be forthcoming; first, district officials must await word from NYSED about the project’s eligibility for state aid. Once state aid is calculated into the project cost, the remaining cost will be covered by the local tax levy.

However, it is important to note that the project is timed so that debt service from past capital projects – including the $26 million capital improvement project from 1998 that included a 21,985 square foot addition at Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School as well as new classrooms at C. J. Hooker Middle School and Goshen Intermediate School –will be retired. The local share to be paid by taxes for the new capital improvement project will be equal to or less than the local share that is currently being paid on the retiring debt – thus resulting in NO increase to the tax levy for the debt service of the new project.

“The members of the Board of Education have unanimously agreed that the capital improvement project will only be put forth to the community as long as its cost won’t impact the tax levy,.” said Superintendent Daniel Connor. “At this time, plans are preliminary, and depending on the amount of state aid that the district receives for the project, may be scaled back to ensure that the Board’s goal is achieved.”

Upgrades to the Goshen High School include:

  • 15,000 square foot addition that will:

    • Provide four new classrooms, a nurse’s office, a guidance office and administrative offices located at the front of the high school.

    • Provide a more accessible, secure and prominent front entrance.

    • Improve communication and efficiency.

    • Transform the overall appearance of the Goshen High School.

  • 464 square foot kitchen addition at the rear of the building that will:

    • Provide adequate space to improve the efficiency of the cafeteria serving line.

    • Improve the overall appearance of the cafeteria.

  • New STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) Lab and Suite (converted from the industrial & visual arts program).

  • Upgrades to the music department, including a newly renovated choral room, new practice rooms and a renovated music department office, and upgraded seating, acoustics and lighting in the auditorium.

  • Five more classrooms, including two dedicated special education classrooms (converted from existing administrative offices).

  • New bus loop and parking lot that will:

    • Improve accessibility to the new front entrance of the High School.

    • Provide a safer drop-off pattern for buses, students, parents and visitors.

  • Athletic upgrades that include:

    • New artificial multi-use turf athletic field with 8-lane track and lighting (to replace existing track and football field) and 1,500 seat bleachers.

    • Concession stand, team locker rooms, training room, storage rooms and bathrooms.

Other site improvements at the high school include:

  • Repaired sidewalks, curbs and parking lot in front of ‘A’ wing.

  • Repaired sidewalk from Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School to new bus loop at the high school.

  • Window and locker replacement.

  • HVAC upgrades to replace aging air handling units.

  • New fire alarm system.

  • Roof repairs.

  • New wall partitions between the ‘A’ wing classrooms.

Upgrades to the district-wide IT infrastructure will:

  • Improve high speed broadband and wireless connectivity throughout the district by installing new Cat 6a cable, switches, routers, wireless access points, intercoms, clocks and a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system.

Details about the capital improvement project will be shared as information becomes available. A detailed newsletter will be mailed to all residents. In addition, the Board of Education plans to hold a public information meeting before the Thanksgiving recess.

Residents are encouraged to email questions about the proposed capital improvement project to Public Information Specialist Christina Gore at christina.gore@gcsny.org. Questions will be answered in 2-3 business days and answers will be posted to the district website.