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District hosts Capital Improvement Project public information meeting

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from the public information meeting

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View the Q&A from the public information meeting

View the Q&A (PDF)

November 23, 2016 - On November 21, district officials hosted a public information meeting about the proposed Capital Improvement Project.

Project Architect Matthew Milnamow of LAN Associates of Goshen presented the community with a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the project proposal. At its conclusion, Milnamow, along with LAN Vice President Michael J. McGovern and district officials, answered a number of questions and concerns from attending community members.

"On behalf of the Goshen Central School District, I'd like to thank the community for participating in a productive and informative session about the proposed Capital Improvement Project," said Superintendent Daniel Connor. "We look forward to continuing the conversation with our community as more project details emerge."

The following questions and concerns were addressed during the meeting:

  • Is there any history of a capital improvement project being focused mainly only at one school building? Answer

  • Will the new classrooms help reduce class sizes? Answer

  • What are soft costs? ANSWER

  • Why do we need an artificial turf field? ANSWER

  • What are the benefits of installing an artificial turf field? ANSWER

  • What is the life expectancy of an artificial turf field? ANSWER

  • Have you prepared a life cycle cost comparison or cost/benefit analysis of an artificial turf field vs. a natural grass field? ANSWER

  • Can you explain the cost impact of the proposed bond referendum? ANSWER

  • Will paying for a capital improvement project increase the chances of cutting programs and personnel in the future?  ANSWER

  • If the project is not approved, will it increase the chance for a negative tax cap? ANSWER

  • Will construction be disruptive to student learning? ANSWER

If you have any questions concerning the proposed Capital Improvement Project, email Public Information Specialist Christina Gore at christina.gore@gcsny.org.