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SAS students learn about Scottie Awards

October 17, 2016 - On October 14, SAS students were treated to a story about kindness, readStudents learn about Scottie awards by Principal HenryStudents learn about Scottie Awards. Freedman. Mr. Freedman read the book How Full is Your Bucket For Kids by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer.

The book, based on the adult version, explains to children that we all have "invisible buckets of water" over our heads. When we are unkind to someone, or someone is unkind to us, our bucket empties. However, when we show others kindness, or kindness is shown toward us, our buckets fill up.

After an enthusiastic reading of the story, Mr. Freedman asked students what they could do to "fill someone's bucket." He furthered the discussion by explaining the Scottie Award System, where students can be awarded a Scottie, by showing their classmates and teachers kindness, following the school rules, being a good role model and showing respect.

The students were very excited when Scottie, himself, came to visit them at the end of the assembly!

Photo Captions:

(top left) Scottie came to visit and gave out a lot of high-fives!
(top right) Principal Freedman read a book to the students of SAS.